Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something is coming....

We have a new product coming to tassie made 4 baby.. Made by a very talented fellow WAHM

Its lovely to smell, but not eat. Loves water, but can't swim. It is bright and colorful and will come in handy to use or display! (not to mention a great gift for xmas!!)

Stay tuned as it will be stocked sometime in the next few weeks.

Also coming soon is our new fandangled website. My husband has been working very very hard on updating and improving the website, so it will be having a huge change at the end of the month (afetr the hunt so as not to confuse anyone lol)
I have put a tiny sneek peek in below....

Thank you to everyone that found our ion (for those that haven't its nice and easy... take a look ;))

Good luck to everyone hoping for a prize ;)

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