Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time to dye....

Ok So my Overlocker is in the shop getting a service so I am unable to do much sewing, instead Im getting stuck into some dyeing :)
The only downside to the amazing vibrant dyes I'm using is that my camera just cant pick them up well enough! The photos are turning out a little dull for my liking. Maybe I might need to ask santa for a better camera ;)

I have been ordering more fabric from the US which has been great with this lovely exchange rate we have going on. I have some lovely ideas in the works right now, but sadly I lack the time to turn them out on the machines.

On the subject of time, my little baby is now 10 months old. He is starting to spend more time playing and less time sleeping in my arms, which is good as it means a bit more time for sewing, but also sad as it means less times for cuddles lol

I have been having some requests for customs lately which is great, I love to work with others ideas, and I find it often helps to create a product in fabric I might not have tried myself. its lovely to get others ideas for inspiration and work outside my own likes and comforts :)

Well that is all for me today, best go finish up the dyeing in my kitchen :)